Pinky Swear Foundation: The Orange Envelope Program

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, life is turned upside-down for the entire family. Daily necessities and tasks such as work, cooking meals, grocery shopping and laundry are extremely difficult to balance both financially and emotionally as treatment becomes a family’s primary concern.


These non-medical financial needs during treatment are crucial to maintaining a family’s quality of life, which is why Pinky Swear Foundation is committed to helping them. The Pinky Swear Foundation was founded on a pinky swear promise as a dying wish between a nine-year-old boy and his father to help children with cancer and their families by providing support for immediate basic needs and unique family programs.

Since the start of our partnership with Pinky Swear in 2015 to support the Envelope Grant fund, Love Your Melon helped provide 950 grants with $550,000 in contributions. Moving forward, we are excited to expand this partnership by supporting the Orange Envelope Program. This program is the first step for families to receive assistance from Pinky Swear. Through the program, families are provided with an orange envelope containing a personal letter from Pinky Swear Foundation founders, a family guide, a financial gift and information to help them receive further assistance for necessities like rent, mortgages, car payments, etc.




So far in 2017, this program has benefitted over 335 children battling cancer, improving their lives and directly supporting their families! Thank you for your support, which makes this partnership possible. Stay tuned for highlights and stories of some incredible Pinky Swear families.

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You Are the Impact

Fifty percent (50%) of profit from the sale of Love Your Melon products is given to our nonprofit partners who lead the fight against pediatric cancer.

What we do:

  • Fund pediatric cancer research initiatives
  • Provide immediate support for families of children battling cancer
  • Give a hat to every child battling cancer in America

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