Nathalia's Helicopter Flight

Our 13-year-old friend Nathalia inspires us every day - and she shares our enthusiasm for beanies!


Even months of treatment for osteosarcoma haven’t dampened Nathalia’s creative spirit or bright smile. She loves art and design, and she spent some free time at the hospital creating miniature pom beanies out of yarn. We are so impressed with her creativity!


mini beanies.jpg


To honor Nathalia and her family and encourage them in the midst of cancer treatment, we brought her on an adventure to tour the city from the clouds.


FullSizeRender 3-1.jpg


Nathalia was so excited about the helicopter tour! She smiled the entire time and laughed as she pointed out how tiny everything was on the ground. She even picked out the lake she wants to swim in next summer. The helicopter also circled the hospital where Nathalia receives her treatment, and she loved seeing it from a bird’s-eye view.




Nathalia is full of strength and spirit, and we were honored to put a big smile on her face and give her an incredible adventure to remember for years to come.


Thank you for supporting children all over the country who are battling pediatric cancer like superheroes!  

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