It's The Little Things: James's Superhero Adventure

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James is four years old and is battling Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. We recently brought James and his family on an adventure to the local park. We were able to do some of James’s favorite things with him - we worked on puzzles, blew bubbles, ran at super speed in our superhero capes and ate lots of cupcakes!


Blowing bubbles and eating cupcakes are small, simple things. However, when we take time to experience these small joys with a child battling cancer, we consistently see the positive impact it has on the entire family. The fact that someone is supporting them, cheering them on and taking time to enjoy a carefree day at the park with them means the world to these families in the midst of treatment.


Children like James inspire us every day. He is undergoing treatment for ALL yet he is so full of life, spreading joy to everyone. Your support directly impacts children like James - thank you for joining the story and supporting the fight against pediatric cancer.



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You Are the Impact

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